You Have A Say In This World

Let me start of by saying that I’m going to be making a lot of The Fault In Our Stars references. I’m not particularly a die hard fan… but……… the quotes are really deep and…… beautiful.


You have a choice in this world. In your life. You have a say in what you do. Who you like. Who you’re friends are. Who you are. You have a say in everything, but at the same time the inevitable is bound to happen.

We’ve all had that feeling where we feel like we don’t have a choice. Or.. if we do its one that’ll screw up everything. Not true. Whether we know it or not, we always have a say in something. From little to life changing things. You just might not know it.

Next time you feel like shit.. think about that…. cause sometimes that’s all what everyone wants… to have a say in something.  Although we can’t go around having a say in everything cause there are the universe’s signs telling us that some things can’t be stopped or changed. As Hazel Grace said “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices”

Bottom line.. embrace your choices. Fate is inevitable. Inevitability can’t be stopped.. but choices can be made.

Some infinities are just bigger than others..


-Someone Relatable ❤


The Three C’s

Where to begin???…

Having lived almost two decades, I’ve come to realise that the real world still is, and always will be complicated as hell, as life is confusing as hell, and as decisions are conflicting as hell.

The three C’s.

I’ve become accustomed to them in all these years. Perhaps I’ve experienced the three C’s more than anyone I know. I mean, my life is definitely very complicated. My parents don’t love each other (if you must know……their marriage was arranged, and everyone knows you can’t arrange love).  I haven’t had a conversation with my crush of- I don’t know- 5 years. I don’t know where to go with my life………….

I could list things for hours till end. That’s how much I relate to the concept of the Three C’s.

The concept being that life is nothing but complicated, confusing, and conflicting. If you haven’t experienced this in your life than something is wrong with you. And as much as you want to deny it, you have. I know that for a fact.

The point of this:   …… don’t bring yourself down because of one stupid incident that leaves you dealing with “The Three C’s”. Look past it. And, I agree, sometimes it’s really hard to look past a hard time, but think about yourself in a year, or even a shorter amount of time. Think about how you’ll be far past moved on by then.

That’s it for today. Hopefully this is pretty relatable to most of you………. And don’t lie to yourself, like I’ve said we’ve all gone through this experience and will many times.

-You know you love me ………………….. SomeoneRelatable   (btw.. if you haven’t pick up on the reference then I want nothing to do with you….jk.. but srssly.. pls watch gossip girl.)